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Our Menu

The menu is different every month.

You'll always find a meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan option.

This menu is available until June 10th.


Veal, mashed potatoes, coffee 10 

Fennel salad, strawberries, feta cheese 9

Trout gravlax, sweet potatoes, dill 9


Duck fillet, carrot mousseline, barbecue sauce 19

Cod cooked in salt, roasted peppers, potatoes, lemon sauce 19

Stuffed eggplant, almonds, quinoa, artichokes 17


Rhubarb, crumble, milk sorbet 8

Homemade Twix bars 8​

Our careful selection of wines is to be discovered in restaurants. We offer organic, natural and conventional wines.
Beers from Brussels breweries only.

English Menu: Texte
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