Our Menu

Available until October 8th.

The menu is different every two weeks.

You'll always find a meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan option.


Sirloin of beef, salsa verde, chickpeas & Brussels sprouts 8
Vitello Tonnato style flame-baked tuna 8 
Cream of pumpkin soup, creamy curry 7


Entrecote with fat removed, red cabbage compote, potatoes, white butter with beet 18

Snacked squid, white beans and parsnips, pepper cream 18

Mushroom risotto, dulse seaweed, sea lettuce 15


Basmati rice pudding, cinnamon & rice sorbet 8
Pear pie, hot chocolate coulis, milk ice cream 8

Our careful selection of wines is to be discovered in restaurants. We offer organic, natural and conventional wines.