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Our Menu

The menu is different every month, according to seasonal products.

You'll always find a meat, fish and vegetarian option.

This menu is available until December 9th.


Duck confit parmentier, carrots 10 
Fish of the day, parsnip mousseline, coffee, Jerusalem artichoke 10
Roasted salsify, cauliflower cream, white chocolate 8



Low temperature pork belly, lingot beans variation, anchovy paste 20
Fish of the day, fondant leeks, feta sauce 22

Pumpkin spaghetti, soy bolognese 18

Coconut cake, banana, lime 8
Tonka pear, curry cookie, dark chocolate cream 8 

Our careful selection of wines is to be discovered in restaurants. We offer organic, natural and conventional wines.
Beers from Brussels breweries only (La Source, L'Ermitage, Brussels Beer Project).

Should you have any allergies or intolerances, please let us know.

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