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Our Menu

The menu is different every two weeks.

You'll always find a meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan option.

This menu is available until February 4th.


Veal/lamb ravioli, thyme & onion broth 9 

Flamed salmon, cream of carrots, kombawa lime sauce 9

Savoyard fondue 8


Back of saithe & cod cheek, roasted cauliflower & parsnips, roasted rice & green tea emulsion 19

Boneless chicken leg, sautéed potatoes, mushrooms, chef's barbecue sauce 19

Chinese cabbage stuffed with vegetables, Jerusalem artichoke mousseline, Brazilian herbs juice 17


Yellow lemon and blood orange deconstructed tart 8

Vanilla floating island, chocolate coulis, oatmeal cookie 8

Our careful selection of wines is to be discovered in restaurants. We offer organic, natural and conventional wines.
Beers from Brussels breweries only.

English Menu: Texte
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